Stock pot. CUORE DI MAMMA integrated campaign. Italian mums have been using the classic stock cube for ages. How to convince them to try the new Cuore di Brodo? Involving in our campaign the ones they care about the most: their children. We helped them demonstrate their mums they grew up: for once, it was the children who gave them good advice: Stock Pot. How? In the most effective way: through advertising. The campaign started with an online video telling the stories of three real people, tired of being treated like little children by their moms. So, with the help of Knorr, they created a tv commercial, a radio commercial and a billboard, to let them know they are now adults. Through the campaign and online video they also invited other young adults to do the same. They promoted a Facebook app through which everyone could dedicate a campaign to his mom, write down a customized claim and send it to her, inviting her to try Stock Pot. The users who created the 5 funniest ads became testimonials of a knorr tv commercial aired on mom’s day.

  • Categories: Integrated Campaign
  • Agency: Lowe Pirella
  • Production Company: HFilms
  • Director: Marco Mucig